Gradina Viitorului, 2020

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Autonomous disinfection robot


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How does MUV work?

MUV is the first made in Romania autonomous disinfecting and sterilising robot. It operates by neutralising bacteria and viruses through the use of high flow fluorescent UV-C light. MUV can cover an area of 20 square meters in less than 15 minutes and can navigate around fixed and mobile obstacles.


What is MUV Lite?

To serve places where available space is restrictive, we’ve made MUV Lite – same tech but without the “autonomous” bit. MUV Lite takes up less room and must be used by a human operator. It’s built on a wheeled platform with UV-C light sources attached. MUV Lite can be customised for existing wheeled platforms.


Can you kill the new coronavirus with UV light?

Probably yes (see here), but we cannot claim this with 100% certainty, since it has not been tested on the new coronavirus. UV-C has proved effective in inactivating other coronaviruses. Note: viruses were never alive to begin with. What MUV does is use a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to inactivate microorganisms by destroying their DNA. This leaves cells unable to perform vital functions and the virus is deprived of its most devastating weapon: reproduction.


How does UVGI work?

This process was discovered in 1878 and is in use in many hospitals, mostly in certain areas and in fixed positions. The key is disabling the reproduction capability of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. UV light in the range of 100 to 280 nanometers of wavelength is used. The effect is instantaneous and no chemicals are required, so the solution is eco-friendly too.


Where can I use UVGI?

You can use it anywhere that’s reasonable. That includes rooms, hallways and clothing equipment.


How safe is UVGI?

Like with any form of harmful radiation, adequate protection for human operators is a must in the case of MUV Lite. For the autonomous MUV robot, it’s enough not to be around it when it’s doing its thing.


How does it MUV around?

MUV uses a combination of Lidar (same as radar but with light), 3D depth mapping and sonar to detect and avoid obstacles. It’s accurate to within 5 to 10 millimetres.


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The first prototype of an autonomous disinfection robot developed in Romania: using high power UV-C lamps, our solution can disinfect various spaces based on the alterations that UV-C light induces in DNA and RNA, proven to be effective even for pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. Sharing the same autonomous navigation platform with our other industrial robot, SWEEP, the prototype is capable of moving in unknown spaces while avoiding fixed or mobile obstacles, or can be remotely controlled.
The platform is equipped with 8 UV-C lamps generating approximately 1kW of radiation capable of sterilizing a 20m² space in less than 15 minutes and has battery autonomy for up to 6 hours. Our new intelligent robot is able to disinfect any type of space or surface and is ideal for institutional establishments, especially hospitals. prototip de robot autonom de dezinfecție din România, dezvoltat de Modulab prototip funcțional de robot autonom de dezinfecție din România revoluționar făcut în România: robotul care curăță spitalele de bacterii romaneasca in lupta impotriva SARS Cov 2. Primul prototip de robot autonom de dezinfectie din Romania, dezvoltat de Modulab unui robot de dezinfecție pentru combaterea coronavirusului, dezvoltat de niște tineri din România laborator românesc de tehnologie a realizat un robot pentru dezinfecție