ARCUB, 2015

Tags: commercial, installation, interactive

Bucharest White Night

Every year, for one night, our capital is transformed into a playground by a network of interactive installations and audio-video instruments/performances.
During this fifth edition, it was all about displays, animations, lasers, sound and music, mixed by the latest technology and the most hyped romanian and international artists.
Pictured below are 2 interactive installations, our contribution to the ‘playground’.
pixel ART – a grid of 1280 LED light sources that can be individually clicked ON or OFF, allowing the visitor to create uni-colour pixel art designs.
Sound boxes – six ‘vocally active’ boxes that can only be brought to ‘life’ by light stimuli. The sound they produce is modulated by the intensity and focal distance of the light sources. Suffice to say some phones died during the process, with all the testing and playing around.