Liminal – Art, science & technology festival

Bucharest, 2017

Tags: art, festival, science, technology

The first edition’s theme was The Good Life and it investigated, across three main events, an exhibition, a night of talks and a hackathon, how technology is reconfiguring our ideas about what it means to be human, live well and do good.
By looking into the promises, aspirations and enchantment spurred over the last decade by the technological advancement while also questioning the disenchantment, discontentedness and anxieties caused by it, The Good Life seeks to uncover insights about the myriad ways technologies (digital and convergent) are reshaping our ideas about what it means to be human, live well and do good.
Engaging by turns a philosophical, anthropological and artistic lens, the events in the festival attempted to explore three main themes: transdisciplinarity as the current path for innovation, the intimate and asymmetrical nature of human-machine interaction and tech for good, an emerging movement that shines a light on technology that ties in with social structures, or needs, to change the status quo.


Device art, critical-making projects, art made with code, immersive installations, designed fictions… the projects featured in The Good Life exhibition all look into the myriad ways in which technology is reshaping our ideas about the world, analysing and questioning our convoluted relationship to it.
Garnet Herz – Disobedient Electronics: Protest
Very Very Far Away – Podcasts
Alad Brown, Michael Pedersen – Automated Poetry Machine
Modulab – .abs
Ovidiu Lugojan-Ghenciu – Datum Explorer
Nita Mocanu, Marius Stoica – Network Expressions
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Will the future be better or worse because of technology and how is this interaction framing our reality? Should machines be regarded as mere instruments serving human creativity, or as equal collaborators? What vision of the good life compels us and how can we commit to it for a better future? A series of contemporary artists, technologists, and thinkers attempted to formulate a response and encourage debate about issues that matter now and in the future.


Hackathon – Terraforming devices for an extraterrestrial good life

Terraforming of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.
Our selected hacks:
Paul Bricman, Ion Orins – Smartscope, an artificial neural network designed to classify images taken with a microscope or a telescope in the exploratory phase of terraforming a new planet.
Ana Cirjan – Bee++, a drone bee made out of a RaspberryPi, controlled by a neural network that recognizes potato flowers and helps the pollination process by using specific 270Hz vibrations.
Marius Trifu, Radu Cioaca – Martian rover able to guide itself in unfamiliar environments using IR spectrum and to gather specific data (temperature, humidity, light intensity) until it reaches its target. Am întrebat tineri care fac gadgeturi cum ar arăta o planetă colonizată de români Man vs machine: festival exploring technology’s effects on humans opens in Bucharest Explorări în virtualitatea imediată. The Good Life la Festivalul Liminal