Bucharest Tech Week, 2019

Tags: commercial, prototyping, science, technology


A log of our attempts to conquer robotics in all its shapes and sizes – industrial robots, with an autonomous cleaning platform for massive spaces; robots for entertainment and PR; robots in arts and sciences.
InMoov – Open source, 3D printed, life-sized robot designed by Gael Langevin and augumented with customised metallical parts by our hardware tamers. Already qualified for the AI/ machine takeover, you can often meet him as a host in TV commercials or at corporate events.
SWEEP – the first industrial robot model developed and fabricated in an independent context in Romania. Using an autonomous navigation platform, SWEEP is an industrial cleaning robot capable of moving in unknown spaces while avoiding fixed or mobile obstacles. Our solution has already been selected for the final stage of Innovation Labs, a local accelerator program.

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