MNAC Bucharest, Romania 2014

Tags: digital fabrication, exhibition, installation, interactive


The first interactive installations exhibition in Romania, collaboratively developed by a mixed team of artists, designers, architects, engineers, specialists in digital fabrication, theoreticians etc.
The installations work in symbiosis with its audience, whose movements and visual characteristics are integrated in real time in the behaviour of the installations.
Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions
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designisbravery/ SymbioMorphoGenesis Modulab: SymbioMorphoGenesis Symbiomorphogenesis – first Romanian interactive design exhibition SymbioMorphoGenesis, Expozitie de proiectare parametrica la Cluj Symbiomorphogenesis- prima expoziție românească de design interactiv. Design interactiv instalație de artă organism Protocorda Sapiens Symbiomorphogenesis exhibition was shown in MNAC and Transilvania Architecture biennale.